French employment legislation is particularly complex, to say the least, and is becoming more convoluted over time. Advice on employment law has become—now more than ever—a must for managers and HR teams.
Our consultancy work

Our team is ready to travel all over France to give you the benefit of our 15 years of expertise. Knowledge that is updated every week. Regulatory monitoring allows us to provide documented answers to any legal risks you may face.

Our support services:

  • Acting as interface between the employee and the company.
  • Audits and support for negotiations and monitoring.
  • Support in setting up internal procedures to track employee records.
  • Support with corporate decision-making.
We help prevent disputes

To do this, we make early interventions to avoid disputes. In this instance, consultancy makes perfect sense. Our internal audits deal with employee health and safety, hygiene, compliance with internal regulations (and the possible rewriting of these), employment contracts and their enforcement.

And given that dismissals are delicate, rare situations, we also provide advice for managers in these circumstances.