We support you throughout the expansion of your business in France, by taking on all or part of your payroll management, accountancy, social security declarations (online, etc) and staff entry and exit records.

Our team conducts daily monitoring to identify any legal or conventional developments. This allows us to control every detail and anticipate errors. Our responsiveness goes hand in hand with our capacity to report on our actions.

You can sit back and devote yourself to tasks that offer high added value to your company, as well as its commercial expansion in French territory.

Pro Paie Consulting supports you within the framework of a global solution, and will act as your contact person for French government bodies.

Payroll managementPreparing payslips takes time and a certain level of expertise, especially in France. As you have neither the time nor the means to familiarise yourself with French legislation, outsourcing payroll management for your employees in France makes sense.

Managing social security declarations The Déclaration Sociale Nominative (French electronic reporting system or DSN) is compulsory. The enables French and foreign employers to submit individual employee data, following monthly payroll processing.
The DSN covers all employees and civil servants. It is compulsory, for both public and private sector employers.

Administrative management

Notification of hiring

Do you need to recruit in France? Pro Paie Consulting can support you throughout the recruitment process and even take over responsibility for the DPAE or ‘compulsory notification of hiring’.

Any employer who wants to hire staff must duly notify URSSAF or MSA (French government bodies) within the 8 days before hiring.

Other declarations

Our team also manages all ad hoc and exceptional reporting:

  • Social security declarations for particular circumstances
  • Reporting occupational accidents and injuries

Our team is dynamic and proactive, ever-ready to support you with guidance on legal changes, as well as taking the time to discuss your future projects. This is what makes us different! Pro Paie Consulting is more than just an external provider—we are a partner in every sense. We'll work hard together to accomplish your international success.

Monthly/ Quarterly reporting

Our team also take care of monthly/ quarterly returns: these allow for notification of salaries deposited by your company, and for the payment of contributions to government collection agencies. The exact deadlines will depend on the number of employees you hire.

For comprehensive support—payroll, leave and social security declarations— get in touch with us via the contact form