Pro Paie Consulting Outsourcing provides a simple yet effective service to outsource the payroll and social security calculations.

Our administration management proposal is both flexible and modular, adapting to fit diverse businesses and take their specific circumstances into account.

An experienced consultant is assigned to your company and looks after the entire payroll management process, advising on payroll functions on a daily basis.

With continual focus on legal particulars, our team of experts will mobilise to send your payslips as quickly and securely as possible. Our people skills and the time invested in justifying what we do help us to stand out from the crowd.

The customer relationship is the foundation of our promise.


Why outsource?

Payroll processing is not a core aspect of your business. It is a time-consuming task and complex to manage. That's why it makes sense to outsource the payroll, especially is you are an SME or SOHO with limited personnel.

Save time!

Do you have the time to make sense of legislation and any permanent changes to this? Are you comfortable with the calculation rules, exemptions, declarations to collecting agencies (electronic declarations) and the use of your payroll software? Outsourcing takes away the burden and frees up valuable time. You will no longer have to print and distribute (potentially incorrect) pay slips... we'll do it for you!

Secure your payroll

By outsourcing, you safeguard against pay slip errors and disputes with government agencies or employees. You no longer have to deal with supervising administration, delays in pay, oversights with deductions, etc. You'll have complete peace of mind—and that is priceless.

Enhance your administrative management

Internal management of the payroll requires a significant in-house investment: the costs of payroll software, recruitment and training of one or more managers, costs of any financial penalties much time and money that would be better invested in the core business area. Outsourcing is less expensive in a number of ways.


Our outsourcing servicesWhen we take on a case, we don't simply work on the basis of current payroll data and corporate legal information. We perform a full audit and provide you with helpful advice for the management of your payroll systems.

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Our outsourcing services: following our audit, your can hand over all or part of your company's HR and payroll management.

Our customisable payroll and HR management solution allows you to keep your current accounting firm or benefit from the expertise of one of our preferred partners in the sector.

Hand over all HR management to us or simply benefit from our expertise and our consultancy services. Several plans are possible:

Processing your payroll and fulfilling reporting requirements in compliance with the law and your collective labour agreement. Acting as interface with the governing bodies Employee management support. Running a payroll in France is particularly complex, if not burdensome. The proof is in the number of lines on a payslip! That's why Pro Paie Consulting is here to also support foreign companies. Discover our « International »service.