An attractive proposition for success in the French market!

Indeed, even if your company headquarters are abroad and you have no corporate presence in France, you can hire an employee in France to carry out business activities.

Pro Paie Consulting boasts a dedicated support service for foreign employers.

We can help you to get quickly set up in the French market without the need to create a branch or subsidiary, and spare you from the complex administrative procedures required in France.

It should be noted that the representative of the foreign firm (RFE in French) cannot act as policymaker for the entire business cycle, nor rent local premises. Thus the parent company is guaranteed to be non-taxable in France.

However, as the employee falls under French law, you must fulfil your obligations relating to the declaration and payment of contributions to the French social security system.

Which foreign companies are suitable?

All foreign businesses—regardless of the field they operate in or their legal status—which have no presence in France and are looking to expand their operations here.

Administrative procedures

We will oversee the registration of your business with the relevant French bodies:

  • Pension funds
  • Occupational health
  • Supplementary retirement funds

Social security declarations

Never have social security declarations been so simple: Pro Paie Consulting takes charge of the e-declaration and informs you of the payment terms of your social security contributions.