The life of a business certainly isn’t one of undisturbed peace and harmony. That's why Pro Paie Consulting provides concrete solutions to address exceptional circumstances.

We work with accounting firms to collaborate on various administrative duties:

To alleviate an increased workload and provide the benefit of our expertise.

To act as an ad hoc employee replacement (in cases of dismissal, resignation, maternity leave, etc).

As staff reinforcement during recruitment drives: our expert is the acting member of staff throughout the recruitment process, allowing you to relax and focus on hiring the right person.

Swift, tailor-made response

Pro Paie Consulting is ready in an instant to come to your company’s assistance: our experts will effortlessly familiarise themselves with your firm's internal procedures and methods of work.

The scope of our remit is defined together with a chartered accountant, to guarantee tailored support in terms of both what our remit covers, and the duration of the assignment. Our team can travel all over France, and we also offer remote operational assistance solutions.

Pro Paie Consulting offers customisable support, adapted to your current needs.

Quality service guaranteed
Our highly qualified staff are familiar with the environment and specific expectations of an accountancy firm

Thanks to their capacity to adapt, their organisational skills and versatility, our experts work autonomously from the word go.

Our colleagues speak fluent English and Dutch, a real asset in an international context or multi-cultural environment.

With Pro Paie Consulting services, accountancy firms can uphold their standards of service at all times.