Leave management is a staple HR task.

However, managing this involves tedious time-consuming tasks that add little value to the business. Here again, ICT has enabled the outsourcing of such an important feature of HR management.

How does it work?

Thanks to Pro Paie Consulting's software, managing e-leave is made simple and intuitive. Access the leave rota and absences online and check the availability of every employee in an instant. View leave status for statistical purposes and integrate this data into your performance management.

Create leave requests in the same way too: enter, edit, approve or decline leave requests with one click. A notification will also be sent to the relevant member of staff. Your employees can check their leave balance at any time, submit paid leave requests, TOIL or special requests (weddings, births, deaths, house moves, etc).

All requests are registered to track leave balances. The software is linked to payroll module, in order to easily calculate the salary of each worker.

Why automate leave management?

Pro Paie Consulting offers to unburden the HR service by taking on these tedious tasks. All the time saved will enhance and add value to your corporate management.

You will receive accurate information on all scheduled leave, and be able to communicate the leave balance of each employee without mistakes, as well as easily liaise with the accounts department.

Our leave management system takes special circumstances into account (contractual provisions, or company agreements): seniority, luncheon vouchers, CET (time savings accounts), part-time, etc. Our solution is especially useful for managing multiple premises, covering the different types of leave offered from one office to another.

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