Our Human Resources Information System (HRIS) frees employees and managers from part or all of the administrative tasks connected to managing staff. The Pro Paie Consulting tool lets you refocus on your business and achieving your objectives.

We'll provide you with access to the different modules, such as managing leave, or TOIL, supervising training, the payroll module, etc. With an HRIS, you can automate different elements, managing leave (your employees enter their paid holidays directly) and your social security declarations, all on a secure, personalised interface. Manage the entire life cycle of an employee seamlessly.

Our platform is also an efficient HR reporting and simulation tool., that lets you exploit all of your employee data and records.. Our aim is to develop a modular solution to precisely address your demands.

Automate the payroll...

Of all of these, the payroll module is fundamental, thanks to the growing complexity of and permanent changes to the regulations (DPAE notice of hiring, payment of contributions, salary slips, legal reporting, etc).

Pro Paie Consulting's HRIS lets you file all of your payslips from the comfort of your computer, and circulate these to your employees with just one click.

All of your administration records are backed up on servers—no problems with availability or saving files. Free yourself from the burden of administration and give yourself peace of mind.

Discover our HRIS solution
... and save yourself precious time!

Our tool is collaborative, although you can limit an employee's access to certain areas of relevance. Pro Paie Consulting's solution saves you time and a huge headache. Thanks to the now centralised data on your dashboard, you can detect developments and anticipate changes.